Brooklinen tote bag.

Brooklinen claims their sheets are “Best. Sheets. Ever.” and the “Softest Sheets You’ve Slept In.” We ordered a pair of the Brookline Luxe sheets to see if they live up to their claims. Let’s break down our first impression of the sheets.

We decided on Brooklinen from the various other companies such as Parachute, Boll & Branch, and Authenticity 50 based on users and bloggers reviews. The majority of the reviews on their website gave Brooklinen a 5 star review and there were many articles from various blogs that raved about the company. Some of the reviews claimed “Best sheets on the planet” and “After a lifetime of searching for the perfect sheets….I have finally found them. Brooklinen is definitely a keeper!” After reading all of these reviews, this solidify Brooklinen would be our first sheets to review.

Let’s start with how placing the order went. Brooklinen’s website is easy to navigate and learn about the benefits of each kind of sheets they sell. You’re able to use various payment methods (Amazon Pay, PayPal, debit/credit card, or Affirm) for maximum flexibility and three shipping speeds. The checkout process was overall super quick and painless.

A quick interaction with the Brooklinen social media team.

A lot of people are moving to social media for customer service so we reached out to the Brooklinen Twitter handle. Nothing is more disappointing than liking the product but having awful customer service. We’re happy to report that the social media team replied to our Tweet and immediately asked if we had any questions. The response time was less than 30 mins which is a good turnaround for help on Twitter.

Brooklinen tote bag with the sheets inside.

The package arrived in a nice cardboard box that contained the sheets in a nice tote bag. This packaging makes you feel like you’ve purchased something premium and the attention to detail let’s you know that the company cares about the entire experience. After taking the sheets out, we noticed how soft the sheets felt and the tags that say “long side” and “short side” on the fitted sheet. The tags on the fitted sheet are a nice feature since we have all put a fitted sheet on wrong at least a few times in our lives.

Brooklinen Smoked Stripe Luxe sheets.

We washed the sheets per their directions and put the sheets on the bed. Overall, the sheets fitted well on an iComfort bed with no issues with the fitted sheet depth. The sheets felt pretty soft and light during the few nights that we tested the sheets. We did notice that these sheets would be great for anyone that sleeps hot. We love the the pillow flap that keeps your pillowcase on your pillow so you won’t have those issues the pillowcase coming off.

We’ve already started recommending Brooklinen to our friends and family. Brooklinen lives up to most of the hype and we think that these sheets will give you the quality of sheets that you’re looking for at a great price point.

Full disclosure: These sheets were purchased by us and not given to us for this review. The links provided in the article are links to Brooklinen and we don’t receive any money from these links.
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