Boll & Branch was started by a husband and wife team in 2014 with a mission to provide luxury sheets at affordable prices. They went a step further by creating the first luxury home branded that was rooted in fairness when they found out that the industry had a lot of “unfair, inhumane farming practices throughout its supply chain.”

What Makes Them Different?
We all know that right now there is a bedding renaissance going on and it’s hard for companies to stand out in already crowded field. Boll & Branch stands out by creating the first transparent and traceable supply chain luxury home brand. This means that they provide the Indian farmers with organic, non-GMO, seeds that don’t require pesticides and uses less water and energy to farm. All of the farmers are paid a living wage and they make sure that their children have the opportunity to get an education. They don’t stop with just the farmers, Boll & Branch only works with factories that treat all the workers fairly and provide healthcare to their families.

Bedding, Bath, and Baby
You can find various products that fit your needs with Boll & Branch. Their cotton sheets start around $200 which includes various sizes and styles and currently they are offering a limited time flannel set from $200. Of course, there are duvet covers, shams, and blankets to complete your bedroom. If you need bath towels, they have classic style bath towels as well as beach towels. Finally, Boll & Branch makes sure that your littlest one will just as comfortable as you with crib sheets and a baby blankets. They also have a baby gift set that includes both the crib sheet and baby blankets which make a great gift for a new mother.

Should You Buy From Boll & Branch?
If you’re in the need of sheets, bedding, or anything for bathroom Boll & Branch should definitely be on your radar. If you do buy from them, you can be secure that they are treating everyone from the farmer to you fairly and ethically. We’ll be doing a review of some of their products in the upcoming weeks. Be on the lookout for those reviews soon.