Pillow Guy is on a mission to provide stylish luxury bedding to men without the department store mark-ups. Isaac Scharf launched Pillow Guy on Indiegogo in October 2017 with various pillows, sheets, comforters, and duvet covers. The campaign would exceed the initial goal and they have been working on revolutionizing bedding for men since then.

Why Pillow Guy?
Bedding can be one of the most difficult things that men have to buy. Most big box retailers, online bedding companies, and discount retailers all feature patterns or colors that don’t appeal to most men. A lot of men will never find any bedding that they truly like so they usually will settle for something or not buy any bedding. Pillow Guy is focused on making it simpler for men.

Issac worked in the bedding industry for many years and earn the reputation of the “Pillow Guy” so you know that Pillow Guy would offer pillows. One of the pillows that you can buy is the Down Alternative Pillow that is filled with a soft, cool poly-gel that is spun into the finest fiber to mimic real down. The other pillow they offer is Down Pillow that is 100% Certified RDS (Responsible Down Standard) 700 fill power White Goose Down.

They also offer their sheets in six colors (light grey, sandy taupe, dark navy, charcoal, cadet blue, and white) in either cotton or tencel. The Classic Cool & Crisp sheets are 400 thread count sheets made with 100% Cotton that are Percale woven and Luxe Soft & Smooth are made from silky fibers of the eucalyptus tree that are 600 thread count MicroTencel sheets.

Finally, Pillow Guy offers two comforters that contain either 3D-3V fiber to mimic real down and their 100% Certified RDS (Responsible Down Standard). Each of these comforters feature a baffle box to keep the material from shifting all over the place. You can also get a a duvet cover in the same color options as the sheet sets.

Should You Buy?
All of Pillow Guys’ sheet sets and down products are made in the U.S. which is a major plus for many of us. The colors that they offer appeal to many of the stylish men that we know and we all know those men that want the luxury everything. We think that Pillow Guy is a great company that for men that want more than the standard boring sheets from other retailers. Plus, we must say that we love their marketing.

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