Buffy is a new bedding company that produces a down alternative comforter made out of eucalyptus fibers and a new microfiber. We recently saw one of their colorful ads that made us curious about this company. The best part of Buffy is that you get a 30-night trial without your credit card being charged. Keep in mind there will be a temporary hold but your card will not get charged until after the 30-days.

Placing an order with Buffy is pretty simple. All you need to do is go to their website, pick the size of your comforter and decide if you want to pay for the comforter or do their 30-day trial. As always, we like to get a feel for a company’s customer service. We incorrectly put our address in the delivery field and sent an email to the company. Within about 2 hours, we received an email back from a representative that they had changed it for us. The shipping only took about a week and like they stated our credit card initially had the hold but it has since fallen off.

Once we got the comforter in the mail, the first thing we noticed was that this box was pretty flat. We were scared that this was going to be a super thin comforter and nothing like their pictures on their website. You’ll be happy to know that the comforter isn’t actually super flat but is vacuumed packed. The box that it comes is super colorful on the inside and makes you feel instantly excited about the comforter. There is a sleep mask and a card that tells you all the benefits of the comforter. Some of the fun facts include saving 12 geese from being liveplucked, no animal products, and you saved 800 liters of water.

Buffy advertises it as fluffy as the clouds and we can confirm this is one of the most comfortable down alternative comforters that we have ever felt. It feels like it’s a marshmallow and you just instantly want to wrap yourself in the comforter. The comforter doesn’t bunch up like typical down and it fits the bed perfectly. One of the biggest concerns is the weight of comforters, it’s not super heavy but it could be used for winters or summers.

Overall, the Buffy comforter is the comforter we have been waiting to discover. The 30-night trial is one of the most unique features of this company. With all of the benefits of getting a down alternative comforter and price point, we recommend this being your first choice when it comes to shopping for down alternative comforters.

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