Pillow Guy’s Cool and Crisp sheet set.

Pillow Guy’s Classic Cool and Crisp sheet are 400 thread count 100% premium cotton percale. These sheets come in a wide variety of colors and sizes starting at $200 for a full size. We were recently sent these sheets and we can say these are very crisp sheets.

The packaging is the same to the Luxe and Smooth set but ours came in a dark color drawstring bag. It uses the same smart witty “Sheet Just Got Real”¬†drawstring backpack made of high-quality, durable canvas but in a navy color. We opened the bag to see our Dark Navy classic cool and crisp sheets that included a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. You will notice immediately how crisp the sheets are and this could be a good thing or a bad thing. These sheets are very loud but they are comfortable once you get into bed. All of Pillow Guy’s sheet sets come with the handy long side/short side tags on the fitted sheet.

After we washed the sheets per the recommended directions, we put these sheets on the bed. The color didn’t fade and the sheets fit perfectly onto the bed. We noticed that sheets were still very crisp but once you got into the bed these sheets were comfortable to sleep in. These sheets didn’t keep me as warm as the Luxe and Smooth set but they did job. We noticed that we didn’t want to get in bed as much as the other sheets due to the super crispness of the sheets.

Pillow Guy’s Classic and Cool sheet set is a good set but it doesn’t come close to their Luxe and Smooth set. The price of this sheet set is a lot higher than the competition so you might want to check around. We’d recommend Pillow Guy’s Luxe and Smooth sheet set over this one.

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