Pillow Guy prides itself as a bedding company designed for men. We recently were sent the Luxe and Smooth sheet set and we were immediately hooked.

The packaging that the company uses is super stylish and smart use of materials. The sheet set came in a “Sheet Just Got Real” drawstring backpack made of high-quality, durable canvas. Inside were the white Luxe and Smooth sheet set that included the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and four pillow cases. When we took out the sheets, we noticed instantly how these were the softest, smoothest sheets we have ever felt. These sheets are 600 thread count in a micro-tencel fiber that can fit mattresses up to 18′ pocket. If you have never heard of tencel, it is made from the silky fibers of eucalyptuses that will give more of warm feeling. You won’t have any issues with putting the fitted sheet on correctly since the sheet features the “long side” and “short side” tags.

We washed the sheets according to the directions on the tags and they fit perfectly on the bed. The sheets became even softer after the wash and there wasn’t any noticeable shrinkage with the sheets.

Over the next few nights, the temperature dropped into the low 20s and these sheets were perfect for that temperature. It wasn’t so hot that you were sweating but just warm enough that you felt like you were on a bed of clouds. We were impressed with how truly comfortable the micro-tencel fibers made these sheets feel.

“These sheets have set a new standard on what a comfortable sheet set should be like in the bedding industry.”

The Pillow Guy Luxe and Smooth sheet set is probably our favorite sheet set that we have tried. There were many mornings that we literally didn’t want to get out of bed because the sheets. These sheets have set a new standard on what a comfortable sheet set should be like in the bedding industry. They might be a little more expensive than other brands but it’s well worth the extra money. We recommend these sheets to anyone that reads our site.

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