After two years of research and development, Brooklinen finally enter into the bath category with their towels. How do the Brooklinen towels perform and are they worth the price? Find out below what we thought after testing them for a week.

Let’s start by finding out what makes Brooklinen’s towels. These towels are 820+ grams that are made from long-staple Turkish cotton. For comparison, Parachute Classic Towels are only 700 GSM vs Brooklinen’s 820 GSM. They state they use only single-ply yarn in their towels because it produces the finest, strongest threads. The entire line consists of washcloths, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets, and bath mats in four colors- white, putty, smoke, and graphite. The prices start around $19 for two wash cloths and goes as high as $89 for two bath sheets. Keep in mind that Brooklinen only sells two pack of the products or their bundle sets. This means that you won’t be able to purchase one individual towel but instead have to get a two pack of their towels. One major advantage that Brooklinen has over its competitors is their lifetime warranty on the towels.

As you would come to expect, ordering the towels Brooklinen was a painless experience. It only took the towels around 4 days to get to us and they came in the nice Brooklinen box. Other than that it was just the towels in a plastic wrap so the towels wouldn’t get dirty.

You’ll immediately notice that these towels are a lot more plush than most of the towels that you have felt. The extra 120+ GSM makes a huge difference compared to their competitors and made us more excited to try out the towels. We washed the towels according to their directions and you’ll get the normal amount of lint after you dry these towels. Over the next few days, we used these towels multiple times a day and washed them a couple of times. We noticed that these towels are super soft and they do absorb a good amount of water without leaving fuzz on your body. These towels seem like they take a little bit longer to dry your skin but it’s nothing major. Also, we noticed that it takes these towels longer to dry then their competitors. These towels are excellent upgrade to any big box retailer and worth the extra money if you’re used to buying cheap towels.

We’re happy to see Brooklinen in the towel market and they are going to put a lot pressure on their competitors. We would highly recommend Brooklinen’s towels to anyone that is in the market for new towels. You’ll get piece of mind with their lifetime warranty that most other companies won’t/can’t offer. These towels will exceed your expectations and you’ll more than likely become one of your favorite towels that you ever own.

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