Primary Goods is a bedding company on a mission to redesign the bedding experience with luxury linen. We recently purchased one of their highly popular complete French linen sheet sets to see if these sheets live up to the hype. After a few nights with these sheets, we were obsessed with these sheets.

Ordering on Primary Goods is pretty simple, all you need to do is the item to your cart and go through the simple checkout process. Once you’re ready to pay, you’re able to use all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Affirm. The customer service team at Primary Goods were responsive with any questions we had about the delivery date and generally only took a few hours to get a response back via email.

When we received the box, the sheets were nicely packed in linen bags were you get a tease on what you were about to put on the bed. We were presently surprised when these linen sheets felt a lot softer out of the bag than most we have felt. Our complete set included 1 duvet cover in their stone color, 2 white pillow cases, 1 white fitted sheet, and 1 flat white sheet. After following their care directions, we were ready to put these on the bed. The fitted sheet easily fit the memory foam mattress but it didn’t come with the short/long tags. We were then ready for the most exciting part of their complete set, their duvet cover and and flat sheet. If you haven’t already heard, the flat sheet snaps into the duvet cover so you no longer have to fight with the fitted sheet bunching up or just losing it in your bed.

We tested the sheets over the next few nights and we were so impressed with the sheets. If you’ve never had linen sheets like us, then you’re going to notice a few things. These sheets have a complete different feel to them than cotton sheets. Primary Goods linen sheets are already soft but over time these linen sheets should get even softer over time. You’re also not going to get the perfect smoothness of cotton sheets. Neither of these differences were an issue for us. Once you get into your bed, you’ll immediately notice how comfortable and luxurious feeling these sheets make you feel. The temperature has only been dropping to the mid-80s here at night and I had no issues with the sheets being too hot or too cold. Since the duvet cover and flat sheet are snapped together, I noticed that I am sleeping better since I’m not fighting with the flat sheet at night. Also, when you make the bed you’ll notice how quickly you’ll be able to make the bed. These sheets will probably make it hard for you to go back to the normal cotton sheets.

The Primary Goods complete bedding set has set the bar on what luxury should feel like in the bed. Their sheets are some of the highest quality sheets that we have ever slept on in that price point. We cannot stress how much we recommend Primary Goods for your next bedding set purchase.

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